Sports Medicine Of The Foot And Ankle

Athletic Training And Gait Analysis

The Foot and Ankle Institute has worked with professional athletes from multiple sports to increase athletic potential. Through a complete gait analysis and sports specific work-up, we can help anyone to increase their athletic potential.

Sports Orthotics

Orthotics are the single best non surgical therapy for foot and ankle pain. By stabilizing the foot and decreasing abnormal motion and pressure, the foot and ankle feels less painful. The Foot and Ankle Institute is a world leader in orthotic therapy.

Injury Prevention And Therapy Protocol

Through gait analysis and sports specific training protocols, the Foot and Ankle Insitute can help to prevent lower extremity injuries prior to their presentation. Bracing, orthotics and stretching protocols are implemented, if necessary, for improved care.

Sports Physical Therapy

Orthopedic trained physical therapist at the Foot and Ankle Institute can assure a rapid return to activity. Sports specific therapy protocols and exercise physical therapy are available at our location.