Revision Foot And Ankle Surgery

Correction Of Traumatic Deformity

Fracture and injury to the foot and ankle are on of the most common problems in traumatic injuries to the body. In certain cases, attempted treatments may not result in the desired outcome. Patients may continue to have pain, stiffness and difficulty with walking. The Foot and Ankle Institute offers expert care for revision and treatment of traumatic deformity and pain problems. Through a complete evaluation andon-site testing, your conservative and surgical treatment options will be evaluated. State of the art surgical techniques allow for correction of most deformities often utilizing the latest equipment such as Ilizarov fixation.

Correction Of Poor Reconstruction Attempts

The Foot and Ankle Insitute is proud to be considered an international referral location for poor surgical outcomes. Our doctors have comprehensive expertise in the revision of deformed and poor surgical outcomes. Often, a complete return to normal function is possible following surgical intervention. If conservative care is possible, a treatment plan will be coordinated to your specific needs.

Limb Salvage Revision

Diabetic patients often do not receive the same level of consideration for limb preservation as a non-diabetic patient. The Foot and Ankle Institute has a wide array of testing equipment and wound healing options for difficult diabetic ailments. From simple wound healing to the most complex charcot foot reconstruction, we will not give up on a possible salvage of your foot and leg until there is no other option. Through our association with diabetic and vascular surgery experts, a complete treatment plan will be implemented in order to allow the greatest chance of limb salvage.