Diabetic Foot Care And Limb Salvage

Ulcer Care And Wound Healing

Care of the diabetic foot and ulcer healing are a complex and often overlooked problem. The Foot and Ankle Institute is proud to offer the latest wound healing agents in the care of difficult diabetic feet. Following a rigorous pre-treatment evaluation and testing, wound healing is implemented in our wound care setting. From genetic skin grafts to local wound flaps, there are few wounds that we cannot heal.

Genetic Skin Grafting

Through the powers of genetics, a form of human skin is now available for wound healing. This genetic skin is live tissue that is grown in a laboratory under sterile conditions. The skin has no risk of infection in any way and is used for its growth hormone release into the wound. The Foot and Ankle Institute is proud to be a world leader in the use and implementation of genetic skin in the healing of diabetic foot ulcers.

Charcot Reconstruction

Charcot foot and ankle conditions are often very challenging. Through our years of experience with charcot feet, we have began to rebuild feet destined for amputation. The Ilizarov (LINK) fixation system allows for manipulation and correction of deformity in the most difficult of charcot feet. Furthermore, in most cases, full weight can be placed on the foot during the healing period.

Limb Salvage

Diabetic patients often do not receive the same level of consideration for limb preservation as a non-diabetic patient. The Foot and Ankle Institute has a wide array of testing equipment and wound healing options for difficult diabetic ailments. From simple wound healing to the most complex charcot foot reconstruction, we will not give up on a possible salvage of your foot and leg until there is no other option. Through our association with diabetic and vascular surgery experts, a complete treatment plan will be implemented in order to allow the greatest chance of limb salvage.

Diabetic Shoe And Insole Program

Due to the increasing number of amputations in the United States, Medicare has implemented a diabetic shoe and insole program. This program allows a diabetic patient who meets certain criteria to receive one pair of shoes and three pairs of insoles per year that are covered by Medicare. The Foot and Ankle Institute is proud to offer this service to patients as part of our complete diabetic prevention program.