Common Conditions

It has been said that he best way to begin a task is to jump in “feet first”. But if your feet can’t get started neither can the rest of you.

Fortunately, with the advent of modern podiatric technology, people with minor and major ankle and foot aliments can successfully eliminate or reduce in severity their problems. Many foot/ankle injuries including those related to athletic activity, need no longer be considered totally disabling. Common conditions such as heel pain, arch pain, bunions, in grown toenails, hammertoes, and corns can now be easily treated.

As we can see there are many types of foot disorders that can be severely disabling to the general public and athletic population if left untreated. With the modern technology that has developed in podiatric medicine and surgery many of these previously disabling conditions can now be effectively treated and/or eliminated. In the interest of keeping people on their feet and pursuing life actively, we encourage people to seek podiatric evaluation and treatment when one suffers from pain in his/her feet and ankles. Remember: “Foot pain is not normal. Feet do not have to hurt.”