Basic Stretching Instructions

  • Never bounce while stretching, always maintain a steady stretch.
  • Go into the particular stretch and hold approximately 10 seconds then stretch a little more and hold 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Do not force a stretch.
  • Standing with feet shoulder distance apart, toes in a little. Using a tree or wall, push forward with both hands. Make sure heels stay on the ground and the pelvis area in.
  • Standing right foot in front of left foot. Toes straight ahead. Bend right knee and keep left leg straight. Using a wall or tree push forward with your hands. Keep heels on ground and pelvis in. Switch and put left foot in front of right foot.
  • Do the above except bend both knees as you move closer to the wall or tree. Keep heels on the ground or pelvis in. Switch and put left foot in front of right foot.
  • Standing heels on ground, place forefoot on a book or stairs.
  • Standing right foot over left. Keep knees straight. Bend at the waist and attempt to touch head to the knees. Change to left foot over the right and stretch.
  • Standing put right foot on object at waist level (table,etc.) Keep foot flexed up. Stretch, bending at waist, brings head to the right knee. Change to the left and repeat.
  • Do this in three positions:
    • foot flexed up
    • foot and leg turned inward
    • foot and leg turned outward
  • Standing, grasp right ankle with hand and pull back and up. Reverse legs, repeat.
  • Sitting on the ground, left leg straight, right leg bent behind you, stretch backwards as if to lay you back on the ground. Reverse legs, repeat.